Raw Honey Benefits: 7 Reasons to Get Hooked on Honey

Honey's always been around.

Ever since I can remember, my mom's insisted on avoiding the unholy trinity of white flour, white rice, and especially white sugar (she's rather racist when it comes to food)...and since we both have chronic cravings for sweet stuff, I've grown up around a whole lot of honey.

the best raw honey benefits

It's gone in coffees, teas, smoothies, sweet soups, and I thought I'd tasted the whole array of honeys under the sun - manuka honey, clover honey, Himalayan honey, acacia honey, etc. - until now.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a jar of raw honey for one purpose: to put it on my face.

And well, since it came...I have not been able to stop eating it. It was meant for my face, but the main place it's going is into my mouth. 

I've been helping myself to teaspoons - okay, tablespoons - of the stuff, nibbling off little bits of it and savoring the beautiful feeling of creamy sweetness melting on my tongue. It is a thick, creamy, glorious wonder and I cannot believe I never had such awesomeness 'til now.

This is by far the best tasting honey I have ever had. Every spoonful has me reeling in gratitude toward all the beautiful bees in our beautiful world.

​How good is it? Well, it's been the first thing on my mind when I wake up for a week now. Oh, and I chose it over ice cream today. 'Nuff said.

I could wax lyrical about this sweet, sweet stuff for hours, but the point of this post was actually to talk about the benefits of raw honey - partly for informative purposes and mostly to justify to myself the logic behind consuming heaps and heaps of the marvelous substance.​

So, here goes...the many raw honey benefits you can use to explain away your love of sweet, yummy honey.

7 Raw Honey Benefits that vindicate your sweet tooth

1. Raw Honey is Highly Antimicrobial

Honey is highly antimicrobial, thanks to its high acidity. Which makes it a wonderfully yummy alternative to cough medicine as well as a sweet preventative you can reach for when you start feeling a little under the weather.

Speaking of honey's antimicrobial properties - raw honey has been shown to be an effective alternative treatment for coughs and other upper respiratory infections.

delicious benefits of raw honey

And that's not the only way raw honey boosts immunity - did you know raw honey is also antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial? Yea, that's why it never spoils 🙂

2. Raw Honey is a Powerhouse of Awesome Compounds​

A huge reason behind many of the benefits of raw honey is the fact that it contains propolis, which is a sticky substance that bees make from combining local resins with wax flakes secreted from special glands on their abdomens.

The stuff is useful for honeybees since it helps them seal the hive and protect it from invasions of bacteria and other external threats.

propolis benefits you must know about!

More importantly, it's useful for you because propolis is a powerhouse of awesome compounds - over 180, in fact - including caffeic acid phenetyl ester, which has been linked to inhibiting cancer growth, as well as organic acids which contribute to raw honey's antibiotic, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties.

Oh, and did I mention that propolis is also rich in flavonoids? Well, yea, it is - the most abundant of them is pinocembrin, an antioxidant flavonoid proven to be a potent neuroprotective.​

3. Raw Honey Boosts Protective Antioxidants​

Speaking of antioxidants, daily consumption of honey has been shown to raise blood levels of protective antioxidant compounds in humans.

Biochemist Heidrun Gross and fellow researchers from the University of California in Davis presented their results in which 25 study participants consumed around four tablespoons of buckwheat honey for nearly a month - blood samples proved a direct link between the subjects' honey consumption and the level of polyphenolic antioxidants in their blood.

honey health benefits that justify your sweet tooth

4. Raw Honey Fights Oxidative Damage

The antioxidants in honey have also been shown to reduce oxidative stress, which can help improve the function of cells the form the lining of our blood vessels and strengthen vascular health.​

5. Raw Honey Has a Healthier Glycemic Index​

Raw honey also has a healthier glycemic index and there is experimental evidence that shows eating honey can improve blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity compared to other sweeteners composed of sucrose or glucose alone.

scrumptious benefits of honey

In particular, those with diabetes (greater glucose intolerance) showed much better tolerance to honey than sucrose.

Although this study was done on rats, there is a year-long study that measured the effect of sucrose, honey, and a low glycemic index sugar-free diet.​

The fortunate honey-fed rats in the study showed reduced weight gain and percentage of body fat, as well as better spatial recognition memory and an improvement in HDL cholesterol (the good stuff) and improved blood sugar levels.​

6. Raw Honey Boosts Digestive Prowess​

Another awesome benefit of honey is that it pre-digests starches for you - great for people whose digestive tracts aren't always up to the task.

Just spread the rich, creamy raw honey on your bread and leave it for around 10 minutes and you'll see how the amylase enzymes in honey go to work on the complex sugars and starches in the bread.

yummy health benefits of raw honey

7. Raw Honey is a Natural Allergy Remedy

raw honey benefits

Want to know one of the most surprising benefits of honey?

Raw honey is helpful for allergy sufferers.

There is research that shows that taking just a tablespoon of local, raw honey helps make you immune to the same pollen that causes you to sneeze. Sort of how vaccinations work. 

It's simply because the raw honey contains trace amounts of local pollen and over time, helps you to develop immunity to it.

A yummy allergy medicine, if there ever was one.

Impressed? So am I....but apparently, all the health benefits of honey do not change the fact that it is a sugar and too much of it is ultimately not good for you. So as scrumptious as it is, try not to overdo the snacking.

Where to Buy Raw Honey?

To make sure you're getting yummy, healthy RAW honey - your best option is to purchase directly from a bee farm. 

​Check out your local farmer's market for this or hop online and get my latest addiction - Y.S. Eco Bee Farm's Raw Honey.

It's raw, pure, organic, unpasteurized, unfiltered honey that is amongst the best things I've ever tasted and has a lovely consistency that melts in your mouth.

This is the one I'm devouring (yes, even as I write this):

where to buy raw honey

If you're located outside of the US, it's less than $10 on iHerb and if you order over $40 on that site, you'll get super fast, free shipping. Also, use the coupon code KTS731 to get $10 off your first order of $40 or more OR get $5 off orders less than $40.

Bon appetit!

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