acai benefits: true or too good to be true?

Acai Benefits: True or Just Good Marketing?

The acai berry doesn’t look so remarkable at first glance – it actually looks an awful lot like the blueberry. But this exotic superfood has a lot more going for it than your average blueberry – or any berry for that matter. ‘Though it’s relatively new to the Western market, it’s quickly moved its way […]

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what is wheat germ and what benefits does it have?

6 Wheat Germ Benefits Every Standard American Diet Needs

Sure, wheat germ sounds like the last thing you’d want near your mouth but despite its unfortunate name, rest assured that it has nothing to do with germs. The “germ” part is actually short for “germination” and has nothing to do with microbes and other nasty stuff.What is Wheat Germ? Now that we got that out […]

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health benefits of matcha

Benefits of Matcha: 10 Reasons Why I’m Mad About Matcha

You probably already know all about the health benefits of green tea, but in case you’re wondering what exactly this matcha stuff is and why it’s even better than green tea, here’s what you’ll want to know about the benefits of matcha.  What is Matcha?​ Matcha is a beautifully verdant, very fine powder that’s created […]

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aloe vera juice benefits worth drinking up for

7 Aloe Vera Juice Benefits Your Body Will Thank You For

What is Aloe Vera? You’re already familiar with aloe vera as the goo-ey green gel you slather on after baking in the sun, but do you know how much this superfood has to offer when taken internally? Yes, you’ll want to be guzzling this goopy gel once you find out these aloe vera juice benefits.You […]

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benefits of camu camu

4 Camu Camu Benefits (#1 is Best)

There’s a new superfood in town and no doubt you’ve heard all about it – the exotic camu camu is quickly becoming a popular health supplement for its potent antioxidant properties. But is it just hype or are camu camu benefits worth superfood status? Before we find out, here’s a little background on the wonderfruit… […]

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moringa health benefits

14 Moringa Benefits That Nourish Your Whole Body

I first came across Moringa leaf powder at a tiny, hole-in-the-wall health food store in Bali, Indonesia and couldn’t help but take a closer look since my spirulina supply had run out and I was on the hunt for a nutritionally-rich, chlorophyll-packed substitute. Research ensued. And of course, experimentation. Turns out Moringa benefits more than […]

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cacao benefits

5 Cacao Benefits That Justify Your Love of Chocolate

What is Cacao? At its simplest, cacao is basically chocolate without the added processing, sweeteners, fats and other extra stuff you normally get from the commercial brands you can grab at the store. But it’s a little bit more than that. In order to explain, let’s get into a little background about the “Mother of […]

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barley green

Barley Grass Benefits: 5 Reasons to Love This Super Green

We try not to play favorites, but of all the superfoods – green superfoods are the one type of superfood we recommend everyone include as part of their daily diet. Why? Well, first of all, when we say ‘green superfoods,’ we’re referring to young cereal grasses like barley grass and wheatgrass as well as algae […]

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9 Bee Pollen Benefits: From Fertility to Weight Loss

WHAT IS BEE POLLEN?​Put simply, bee pollen is the food of young bees. But that simple statement hides so much of the wonder that is bee pollen.  ‘Cause bee pollen is more than just a vital bee food – it’s responsible for the pollination of more than 80% of all green, growing things. Here’s how […]

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Go, Go, Goji Power! 5 Goji Berry Health Benefits to Snack On

Ponce de León may never have found the fountain of youth, but had he discovered goji berries, he may have stopped looking. Highly concentrated with phytonutrients that promote cellular maintenance, goji berries were consumed daily by the Chinese herbalist Li Ching-Yuen, believed to be the oldest man ever to live in modern times. Though records […]

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