acai benefits: true or too good to be true?

Acai Benefits: True or Just Good Marketing?

When it comes superfoods, chances are you’ve already heard about the Acai berry and the wonders it can do to the human body. Native to South and Central America, the Acai berry looks very much like a blueberry in size and shape, but is actually the fruit of a type of palm tree living in […]

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what is wheat germ and what benefits does it have?

6 Wheat Germ Benefits Every Standard American Diet Needs

Now while wheat germ may first sound disgusting, it is actually one of the healthiest foods you can get your hands on these days. Make sure you read on to find out why you need to start loading up on this proven superfood as soon as you can. The Lowdown on Wheat Germ At its simplest, wheat […]

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health benefits of matcha

Benefits of Matcha: 10 Reasons Why I’m Mad About Matcha

​How to Make Matcha If you’re ready to get drinking some of yummy stuff, here are some tips: Don’t mix matcha powder straight into boiling water – it tends to make it taste bad. Let the water cool down for a few minutes before stirring in the tea.  To make a yummy mug of pure […]

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aloe vera juice benefits worth drinking up for

7 Aloe Vera Juice Benefits Your Body Will Thank You For

What is Aloe Vera? You’re already familiar with aloe vera as the goo-ey green gel you slather on after baking in the sun, but do you know how much this superfood has to offer when taken internally? Yes, you’ll want to be guzzling this goopy gel once you find out these aloe vera juice benefits. […]

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benefits of camu camu

4 Camu Camu Benefits (#1 is Best)

What is Camu camu? Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is basically the fruit of a low-growing shrub that thrives in water-logged areas in and around the Black Water River region of the Amazon rainforest, particularly in Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Peru. It has the overall appearance of a plum, but is as big as a lemon. […]

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moringa health benefits

6 Moringa Benefits That Nourish Your Whole Body

Moringa is commonly known as the “miracle tree” not just for its rather long list of health benefits, but also for its versatility. Remarkably, the sheer amount of antioxidants, phytonutrients, amino acids, proteins as well as vitamins and minerals Moringa is packed with easily makes it a certified superfood. Still not totally convinced of the awesome powers […]

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cacao benefits

5 Cacao Benefits That Justify Your Love of Chocolate

What is Cacao? At its simplest, cacao is basically chocolate without the added processing, sweeteners, fats and other extra stuff you normally get from the commercial brands you can grab at the store. But it’s a little bit more than that. In order to explain, let’s get into a little background about the “Mother of […]

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barley green

Barley Grass Benefits: 5 Reasons to Love This Super Green

What is Barley Grass?Barley grass has become one of the frontrunners in the recent superfood craze, and rightly so. Although it has been around for millennia, barely grass first saw exposure in the West in the early 1930’s, where it was introduced in capsule form as the first commercial multivitamin supplement.Little wonder why since young […]

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9 Bee Pollen Benefits: From Fertility to Weight Loss

WHAT IS BEE POLLEN? At its simplest, bee pollen is basically a natural food product made by bees from the pollen they collect from trees and flowers. It is the primary food source of their young and contains all of the essential nutrients they need to grow and develop properly. In more detail, pollen is […]

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Go, Go, Goji Power! 5 Goji Berry Health Benefits to Snack On

Ponce de León may never have found the fountain of youth, but had he discovered goji berries, he may have stopped looking. Highly concentrated with phytonutrients that promote cellular maintenance, goji berries were consumed daily by the Chinese herbalist Li Ching-Yuen, believed to be the oldest man ever to live in modern times. Though records […]

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