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5 quinoa nutrition facts

5 Quinoa Nutrition Facts that Account for the Health Benefits of Quinoa

This superfood was recently declared a superfood by no less than the United Nations. Why, you ask? Well, although quinoa is native to Peru, Bolivia, Chili, Ecuador and Columbia, its ability to grow in arid conditions and high altitudes means that this little seed could be the key to feeding the planet – and feeding […]

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msm benefits that boost beauty and relieve pain

MSM Benefits: Thick Hair to Healthy Joints

You’ve probably heard and read about the varied MSM benefits. Or maybe you’ve seen it on the shelves in pill, capsule, cream or gel form, and wondered exactly what the hype is about. Well, curious Netizen, wonder no more: here’s what you need to know. What is MSM? MSM (aka DSMO2) is an odorless, tasteless, […]

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cordyceps benefits that boost energy and workouts

Cordyceps Sinensis: 9 Cordyceps Benefits from Workout Performance to Sexual Function

Cordyceps sinensis has been a mainstay in Tibetan and Chinese traditional medicine for centuries and is even now considered the rarest and most precious herb in Chinese medicine. Its use dates back to the Ming dynasty, when the emperor’s physicians began studying the benefits of this superfood. Cordyceps soon became one of the most respected […]

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delicious benefits of raw honey

Raw Honey Benefits: 7 Reasons to Get Hooked on Honey

Honey’s always been around. Ever since I can remember, my mom’s insisted on avoiding the unholy trinity of white flour, white rice, and especially white sugar (she’s rather racist when it comes to food)…and since we both have chronic cravings for sweet stuff, I’ve grown up around a whole lot of honey. It’s gone in […]

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propolis benefits you must know about!

5 Propolis Benefits That’ll Make You Want to Eat ‘Bee Glue’

Most people have never had the pleasure of trying propolis. And that’s a shame, considering propolis is one of the best all-natural solutions for oral health, sore throat, wound healing and even ulcers. Like all bee superfoods – bee pollen, royal jelly, raw honey – propolis comes with a unique range of potent health perks […]

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benefits of chlorella

7 Special Chlorella Benefits That Make Eating Algae Palatable

For starters, chlorella is a type of fresh water algae that’s highly regarded for its overabundance of health benefits. Sure chlorella may not be that popular in Western countries, but it has been long since cultivated in and around Asia like Taiwan and Japan for decades as a vital part of a nourishing diet. You’re […]

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spirulina health benefits that make it a superfood

6 Benefits of Spirulina: Spirulina Nutrition is One-of-a-Kind

Unlike what most people think, not all bacteria are harmful to the human body. Interestingly, there are strains of bacteria that have been discovered by medical experts to significantly improve overall wellness, plus a few awesome health benefits in between. One of these strains is spirulina, a type of natural algae or cyanbacteria, which has […]

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acai benefits: true or too good to be true?

Acai Benefits: True or Just Good Marketing?

When it comes superfoods, chances are you’ve already heard about the Acai berry and the wonders it can do to the human body. Native to South and Central America, the Acai berry looks very much like a blueberry in size and shape, but is actually the fruit of a type of palm tree living in […]

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what is wheat germ and what benefits does it have?

6 Wheat Germ Benefits Every Standard American Diet Needs

Now while wheat germ may first sound disgusting, it is actually one of the healthiest foods you can get your hands on these days. Make sure you read on to find out why you need to start loading up on this proven superfood as soon as you can. The Lowdown on Wheat Germ At its simplest, wheat […]

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health benefits of matcha

Benefits of Matcha: 10 Reasons Why I’m Mad About Matcha

​How to Make Matcha If you’re ready to get drinking some of yummy stuff, here are some tips: Don’t mix matcha powder straight into boiling water – it tends to make it taste bad. Let the water cool down for a few minutes before stirring in the tea.  To make a yummy mug of pure […]

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