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9 awesome benefits of apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipes for Detox and Weight Loss

Made from apple cider, this vinegar is unfiltered and unpasteurized.  It’s created by adding yeast and sugars to crushed apples. While other vinegar is clear, apple cider vinegar ranges in color along the yellow-brown spectrum.  It’s common to see sediment- in fact, you should absolutely insist on getting ACV with sediment (called “mother”) ’cause that’s […]

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probiotic foods from around the world

Superfood Bacteria? 5 Probiotic Foods from Around the World

Letting the little things bug you—at least, the right little things—could lead to better health and a longer life. Due to fermentation, probiotics contain friendly bacteria that break down carbs and sugars, making your food easier to digest. These invisible bugs also battle the not-so-harmless bacteria in your gut to keep them from growing unchecked. […]

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12 chlorophyll benefits

Chlorophyll Benefits: 12 Reasons to Go Green Everyday

So, chlorophyll. The word probably sounds familiar. If you remember your grade school biology, you’ll remember that chlorophyll is the stuff that gives plants their vivid green color. It’s actually used as food colorant in Europe (as well as by nature-lovin’, health-conscious foodies around the globe) as a natural way to give cakes, candies and treats […]

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best supplements for circulation

Top 7 Natural Supplements for Circulation and Improved Blood Flow

On the hunt for the best supplements for circulation and improved blood flow? Then it’s safe to assume you’ve been suffering from cold feet and hands, tingling in your extremities or muscle cramps. Not fun. But you’re not alone – you’re one of the millions of people in the world who suffer from poor circulation. […]

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9 awesome benefits of apple cider vinegar

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar: 9 Reasons to Drink ACV Everyday

Apple cider vinegar actually enjoys a relatively noble history, thanks to the hugely versatile benefits of apple cider vinegar. The Egyptians recorded various uses for this simple liquid ranging from weight loss to skin treatments. Christopher Columbus touted apple cider vinegar’s awesome abilities: he used it to sidestep scurvy on his ships. Even Hippocrates (you know, […]

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the best wheatgrass benefits

Wheatgrass Benefits: 5 Huge Reasons to Drink Wheatgrass Every Day

Chances are you’ve heard already heard of wheatgrass. Maybe a helpful smoothie barista suggested you throw in a shot of the stuff with your Strawberry Power Protein shake? Or someone has taken you to a juice bar and you noticed a little patch of lawn growing on the counter? Well, in case you’re not totally […]

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powerful ginseng benefits

6 Powerful Ginseng Benefits to Perk Up Your Brain and Your Sex Life

It’s the root of the ginseng that is the portion harvested for health benefits. The Asian variety was discovered over 5000 years ago in Manchuria, China. A Jesuit priest, who’d heard about it from the Iroquois, brought a North American variety traditionally used in First Nations medicine, to the attention of Europeans in 1719. It’s […]

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5 amazing ginkgo biloba benefits

5 Ginkgo Biloba Benefits: From Memory to Better Blood Flow

Though you’ll most likely find it in the herbal supplement aisle, Gingko Biloba extract doesn’t come from an herb, but a tree. And what a tree! (No, seriously, it’s pretty amazing.) Native to China, various parts of the gingko have been used in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese medicine and cuisine for thousands of years. The […]

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5 unique reishi mushroom benefits

5 Reishi Mushroom Benefits That Make it the Fungal Fountain of Youth

Medicinal mushrooms: delicious, nutritious and possibly life giving? Reishi mushrooms (also called the pinyin, linh chi, or lingzi mushroom depending on the region they’re harvested in) are a family of very closely related mushrooms used in traditional Asian medicine for almost 2,000 years. In fact, one of the numerous translations for the Chinese name of […]

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chia seed benefits

7 Chia Seed Benefits to Chomp Down On

Though chia seeds may have gained recent popularity due to the beloved chia pets (ch-ch-ch-chia, anyone?), they have actually been used for health since nearly the beginning of mankind. For example, did you know that Chia seeds were traded by Aztecs as a form of currency? Because of all of the health benefits and the […]

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