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best foods for harder erections

Sexy Supplements for ED: Natural Foods for Harder Erections

Work. Kids (or even worse, teenagers). Aging parents. It is any wonder that many of us have encountered a bit of a downturn in our sex lives? And between career and family stresses, let’s face it – sometimes your erection just isn’t all you know it can be. But whatever the cause may be – you’re tired, […]

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best supplements for energy

Natural Energy Boosters: 8 Most Potent Supplements for Energy

When people talk about food energy, some people assume that it just means the adrenalin boost that you get from energy drinks or your fave sugar fix. But that kind of energy won’t do you any good beyond a quick fix: it may get you through the next 30 minutes, but you’ll crash and burn like […]

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top 6 eye health supplements

Top 6 Eye Health Supplements to Improve and Protect Eyesight

Though plenty of people manage without vision, sighted people tend to neglect their ocular health and eyes tend to get the short end of the stick. We don’t always put sunglasses on when we should, take our contacts out at the recommended times, or we stare at computer screens (hehem) way too long. So how […]

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top 9 memory supplements

Want a Natural Memory Booster? Here are the Top 9 Memory Supplements

Can’t ever seem to remember where you left your keys? Having a hard time keeping all the facts and figures straight for an upcoming test or presentation? No worries! Thankfully the study of nootropics—drugs intended to enhance memory, neurology, cognition and overall intelligence—has come a long way over the past decade. Don’t let the ‘drugs’ […]

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natural anxiety remedies that actually work

Natural Anxiety Remedies: 6 Supplements for Anxiety that Work

We all suffer from anxiety from time to time. Our jobs, home life and even love life create moments when our palms start to sweat and our hearts begin to race. But for some of us, anxiety runs much deeper and negatively impacts our lives and inter-personal relationships. Sure, there are dozens of dozens of prescription […]

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6 home remedies for allergies that work

Home Remedies for Allergies: 6 Allergy Supplements that Work

 It’s that time of the year again and if you’re one of 50 million Americans who are on the hunt for allergy relief, you know exactly what we mean. With so many of us suffering from sniffles, watery eyes and that damn itchiness in the hard-to-reach throat and ear canals – is it any wonder […]

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7 best brain supplements

7 Best Brain Supplements to Boost Brain Health and Performance

On the hunt for brain boosters? Ah, welcome to the club. This is a topic that’s near and dear to my own heart. Mainly because I cannot begin to count the number of times I’ve desperately needed my brain to cooperate…and she pretty much just chose to go on vacation. Thus my quest to discover […]

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top 3 male fertility supplements for healthy sperm

The Best Male Fertility Supplements to Increase Male Fertility Naturally

Fertility advice is mostly centered around women, which is surprising considering in humans, male infertility accounts for 40 to 50% of infertility. And we’re sure you’ve heard all the usual sperm-protecting male fertility tips: Stick to loose boxers, spend some quality time away from your laptop, quit smoking, etc – but the most effective way to […]

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how to increase fertility naturally

How to Increase Fertility Naturally with the Most Effective Fertility Supplements

Aphrodisiacs and fertility foods have been around for centuries, mainly because these foods – like avocados, bananas, and figs – were thought to resemble the shape of sexual organs. Whether they work or not is still up for debate, but one thing’s for sure: fertility superfoods definitely play a huge role in supporting your body’s […]

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