7 Special Chlorella Benefits That Make Eating Algae Palatable

For starters, chlorella is a type of fresh water algae that’s highly regarded for its overabundance of health benefits. Sure chlorella may not be that popular in Western countries, but it has been long since cultivated in and around Asia like Taiwan and Japan for decades as a vital part of a nourishing diet.

You’re definitely missing out on a lot of good stuff if you still don’t have chlorella as a key ingredient in your smoothies. Make sure you follow along to find out why you quickly need to load up more on this super food as often as you can.

A Quick Rundown on the Superb Health Benefits of Chlorella

More and more people across the globe are reaching for chlorella these days for its ability to maintain the ideal levels of essential nutrients in the body. And that’s just one of the awesome things that this wonder food can give you. Learn more about them when you read on.

Health Benefits of Chlorella #1. Flushes Out Toxins Away from the System

The regular consumption of chlorella is found to increase the body’s efficiency in getting rid of harmful toxins that can set off various health problems if not dealt with properly. Based on clinical findings, the flavonoids in chlorella not only significantly improved the hardiness of cells against toxins and toxic metals like mercury, arsenic and lead, but also helped the body flush them out faster.

Health Benefits of Chlorella #2. Helps Prevent Diabetes

There are phytonutrients in chlorella that stimulate the pancreas to regulate the release of ideal amounts of insulin in the body. These phytonutrients also help pick up the pace on the metabolism of glucose in the bloodstream. Interestingly, medical experts also discovered that this cocktail of phytonutrients also has the ability to keep the chronic effects of diabetes in check like macular degeneration, numbing of various nerve endings and cataracts.

Health Benefits of Chlorella #3. Stimulates Better Oral Health

Frequent consumption of chlorella activates receptors in the salivary glands that help them produce sufficient amounts of saliva in the mouth. Apart from having mild antiseptic properties that cut back the proliferation of harmful microorganisms, which can cause bad breath and throat irritation, there are also compounds in saliva that are found to help fight off periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Health Benefits of Chlorella #45. Improves the Mood and Sleeping Cycle

Chlorella is found to have very high levels of the mineral magnesium, which has the ability to help the brain release mood-altering hormones like oxytocin, endorphin and serotonin. These hormones not only promote better sleep, but also ward off stress and anxiety. This is the reason why it is not uncommon to see chlorella as a key element in various relaxation formulas used in spa treatments around the world these days.

Health Benefits of Chlorella #5. Boosts Blood Flow to the Muscles

Medical findings reveal that the frequent use of chlorella helped optimize the flow of blood to the muscles in the body. Aside from improving their resilience against wear and tear, chlorella also has the ability to inhibit painful trigger or tender points, chronic muscle fatigue and even fibromyalgia if consumed in a regular basis.

Health Benefits of Chlorella #6. Inhibits Various Types of Cancers

Scientific research reveals that chlorella is very rich in natural carotenoids that help reduce cellular oxidation in the body. Excessive oxidation in the cells is the leading cause of cancer.

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