6 Powerful Ginseng Benefits to Perk Up Your Brain and Your Sex Life

It’s the root of the ginseng that is the portion harvested for health benefits. The Asian variety was discovered over 5000 years ago in Manchuria, China. A Jesuit priest, who’d heard about it from the Iroquois, brought a North American variety traditionally used in First Nations medicine, to the attention of Europeans in 1719.

It’s become so popular over the years that in North America the wild variant almost became extinct. In the early 1900s, both U.S. and South Korea began commercial cultivation to supply the global demand. So what the craze all about? Let us count the ways…

Ginseng Benefits that Benefit Your Life

The Benefits of Ginseng Can Vary (i.e. Can Stimulate and Relax)

Wondering about the benefits of Korean ginseng vs American ginseng?

Though nearly identical, there is one big difference between the Asian and the American varieties of ginseng: while Asian ginseng is noted as having a relaxing effect, American ginseng has been observed to be a stimulant.  One promising study showed that American ginseng, though a stimulant for neurotypical people, might be a great natural treatment for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

Asian ginseng’s relaxing properties might be due to its being an “adaptogen.” Adaptogens are natural equalizers said to regulate the body’s adrenal system. If there is too much of one thing, adaptogens can lower it. Too little, adaptogens will help bring the levels up.  The theory is that Asian ginseng helps lower the levels of stress hormones, alleviating the physical side effects of stress.

Ginseng Lowers Blood Sugar and Cholesterol

Strangely enough, though the root is the portion most commonly harvested for medicinal usage, in animal testing it was the ginseng berry that showed stunning results for regulating blood sugars.

When it comes to your cholesterol, ginseng has also got you covered. In 2012 while a group of Korean scientists were looking into the effects of red ginseng on symptoms of menopause, they discovered something else: those taking three milligrams of the root extract per day saw a dip in their LDL (bad cholesterol)! Since then more studies are underway to determine whether red ginseng can replace cholesterol drugs altogether.

Ginseng is a Natural Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

Whereas it’s not entirely certain how ginseng improves ED, if we examine the effects of stress and illness on male sexual health, it might just be that ginseng is great at alleviating the underlying causes instead of just one of the symptoms of stress and high cholesterol.

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